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The main objective of the action is to intensify cluster and business network collaboration across borders and sectoral boundaries and to support the establishment of European Strategic Cluster Partnership to lead international cluster cooperation in fields of strategic interest – notably in support of the development of emerging industries.

The action focuses on the promotion of cluster internationalisation where interested consortia have the opportunity to develop and implement a joint internationalisation strategy and support SME internationalisation towards third countries beyond Europe.

The action will be implemented by consortia and cluster organisations and/or business networks operating in COSME participating countries that are interested in establishing and running a European Cluster Partnership. The partnerships are expected to develop a joint "European" strategic vision with a global perspective and common goals towards specific third markets.

Applicant consortia are free to propose activities they consider relevant. However, it is essential that all activities are clearly related to the objective set out for each strand and duly justify:

  • strand 1: supporting preparatory actions for the establishment and shaping of new European Strategic Cluster Partnerships (ESCPs); for which expected results and deliverables are a partnership agreement, an internationalisation strategy plan and an implementation roadmap;

  • strand 2: supporting the first implementation, testing and further development of European Strategic Cluster Partnerships; for which the expected results and deliverables are collaboration activities developed and implemented with international partners and a monitoring scoreboard with verifiable indicators.

Eligibility of applicants

Applicants are cluster and business network organisations registered or planned to be registered on the European Cluster Platform.

Applicant organisations must be established

  • in EU Member States;

  • or in countries participating in the COSME programme under Article 6 of the COSME Regulation.

Applicants have to submit

  • a description of each cluster and business network organisation involved as a partner in the project demonstrating that it offers or channels cluster and network support services to businesses in compliance with the definition given in the section 1.3 (s) on "innovation clusters" in Annex I of the new "EU Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation";

  • the complete cluster profile of each applicant registered or planned to be registered on the European Collaboration Platform.

Submission of proposals

The deadline for electronic submission is 21 April 2015, 17.00 hours (Brussels time).

The links to submission system are available below:

  • COSME-2014-3.1 Cluster Go International: Strand 1: Supporting preparatory actions for establishment and shaping of new European Startegic

  • COSME-2014-3.2 Cluster Partnership: Strand 2: Supporting further development and running of established European Cluster Partnerships

The electronic submission reference for this call will be COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-03.

Partner search

If you are looking for partners to apply to this call, you may use the Cordis database where you have the option to create partnership requests.

For people who already have a Partner profile in Cordis database, they can select a specific COSME call when they create a partnership request. Each partnership request will then show up as being associated to the call to attract others interested in the same call. In the case you don’t have a profile you can create one.

Should you encounter any difficulties with the Cordis database, please contact the Cordis helpdesk.

You may also contact your nearest Enterprise Europe Network member who could assist you in finding potential Partners.

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